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    Cooch TV Asian female domestic 4. Who does Odysseus reveal himself to? What is a sentence using the word maid? VIVA Gals
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    Eurycleia is Odysseus and Telemachus's nurse and maid. I never thought of it that way, but yes. Amah, a nursemaid or maid in the Far East or India. Asian women are not chattel, although they appear to be to some people. If you want to help out an Asian woman or even have her as a maid then that's one thing, but to buy her. Forget it! Maid is a noun.
    asian nurse amah asian nurse amah

    Clue: Asian nurse

    It is a domestic servant role which combines functions of maid and nanny. They may be required to wear a uniform. The term, resembling the pronunciation for "mother" see Mama and papa , is considered polite and respectful in the Chinese language. The word amah may have originated from the Portuguese ama meaning "nurse". Variants such as Amah-chieh or mahjeh chieh or jeh means elder sister in Chinese dialects have also been used in some countries. In Taiwan and southeastern China where the Minnan language is spoken, amah refers to the paternal grandmother.
    asian nurse amah asian nurse amah
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    asian nurse amah asian nurse amah

    Amah (occupation)

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